Immunization- Influenza Education Toolkit 2017-18

Every year, tens of thousands of people in the United States contract influenza, a highly contagious respiratory tract disease. New influenza vaccines are created to protect and prevent influenza A and B strains expected to cause infections during upcoming winter months. It is the single best way to prevent flu and potentially serious complications. 


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Introduction, acknowledgements, and protecting all from flu campaign

Influenza Disease – Epidemiology 

What is influenza? How is influenza spread? When does Influenza occur? What causes influenza? What causes the influenza virus to change?

Influenza facts 

Influenza symptoms, complications and severity

Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention 

Differences between the flu and the common cold; Testing for influenza; Treating and preventing influenza; “Take 3” from the CDC 

Protecting against influenza 

Establishing an influenza vaccination campaign in the office 

Influenza Disparities

 Disparities among minorities and seniors  

Myths about Influenza 

Myths about the flu  

Toolkit for Health Care Professionals

Tips for successful campaigns, prior year presentations and influenza related links