Marc Nivet Ed.D., M.B.A. 2017-2020

*Director of The Sullivan Alliance

*Executive Vice President for Institutional Advancement

*UT Southwestern Medical Center





Marc A. Nivet, Ed.D., is the Executive Vice President for Institutional Advancement at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. From 2010-2016, he served as Chief Diversity Officer for the Association of American Medical Colleges, where he provided strategic vision and programmatic leadership around diversity and inclusion. Through his advising, lectures and writing, Dr. Nivet has worked to reframe the narrative around diversity, positioning it as a driver of excellence and highlighting the link between community engagement and health equity. He encourages audiences to elevate diversity out of its silo and into the company of talent management and strategic planning to transform organizations and, ultimately, communities. In the context of academic medicine, this means making diversity core to the overall mission of better health outcomes for all.

Dr. Nivet serves the diversity and academic medicine communities on a variety of boards and commissions. He is a member of the NIH National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council, HRSA Bureau of Health Professions National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice, the Arnold P. Gold Foundation Board of Trustees, the American Dental Education Association’s Commission on Change and Innovation in Dental Education, the Beyond Flexner Advisory Council, the ETS Policy Evaluation and Research Council, and the CDC Medical College Roundtable.






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