CoVPN-COVID in Black Series 
  • (past) Episode4 –Faith & COVID-19: A Pathway Forward – November 12th- In this episode of the CoVPN COVID in Black discussion series, we explored how faith communities are addressing COVID-19, the importance of faith leaders in combating COVID-19 in Black communities, the current initiatives tackling COVID in faith communities, and the role of vaccines and clinical trials in a faith-based response to the pandemic. Our panelists of faith leaders also discussed why there is still reason to hope and find encouragement in the age of COVID. The recording for this episode can be found on the CoVPN YouTube page here
  • (past) Episode 5 – Black Health Providers Can Help End the Uncertainty – Wednesday, November 18th- Health care providers are among the most trusted voices Black communities turn to for expert advice, and in this episode of COVID in Black, the panelists engaged Black health care providers in open and transparent conversations to build their confidence and comfort in the vaccine process. This episode provided a forum for honest and frank discussions and offer opportunities for Black health care providers to have their questions answered by leading Black experts. The recording for this episode can be found on the CoVPN Facebook page here
  • Stay tuned for future episodes of COVID in Black. The session recordings of past episodes can be found on the CoVPN YouTube page here and on the CoVPN Facebook page here.  

PANDEMIA Episode 1 – Facts, Not Politics: What We’re Doing About COVID-19 – Thursday, November 19th  
Are you tired of the politics surrounding COVID-19? Do you just want the facts to protect yourself and your loved ones? The COVID-19 Prevention Network, Latino Commission on AIDS, and UnidosUS have you covered! We are working together to bring you the facts about COVID-19 research with a focus on us, Latinx communities. Join us on this webinar to participate in a conversation about COVID-19 with our own doctors, researchers, and each other. For more information about this episode, see the attached flier and consider joining us via Zoom here.  

Souls, Storms, and Science Series: Building Faith Leadership in the Age of COVID-19 – November 30th  Faith leaders play a critical role in supporting, uplifting, and inspiring communities to change. They can serve as agents of change to help foster a sense of healing. This series brings together six faith leaders from various regions of the country who will host a series of COVID-19 educational discussions for people of faith! Come join them as they host their first event and introduce African American COVID-19 experts from the areas of public health, bioethics, and vaccine research. For more information about this event in the series, see the attached calendar. 

Iman & COVID: Reflections from the Muslim Community – Episode 4: HIV, Sex, Intimacy & COVID-19 – December 2nd

In recognition of World AIDS Day, we will discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on HIV, sex and intimacy. For more information about this episode, see the attached calendar.  

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