Scholars are interdisciplinary leaders spanning clinical specialties, thematic areas of interests who seek to understand the persistent inequities in the U.S. health care system and gain the frameworks, insights, and professional connections necessary to effectively forge solutions. The goal is to develop scholars into transformational leaders. Scholars collaborate across sectors, clinical professions and disciplines. Mentored by Senior Fellows, scholars develop high-level leadership skills through professional coaching and networking.

The Cobb Scholars represent a unique group of individuals who have achieved academically at a high level and have goals of becoming successful research specialists, clinicians and educators. The have completed the M.D., D.O. or Ph.D. degree within the past 15 years. They have sincere interest in careers in Research and have interest in Health Disparities or Health Equity. They further look to achieve high levels of research skill leading to the attainment of a RO1 research award. They also aspire to successful advancement in academic and clinical careers. As Cobb Scholars, they would be mentored by Fellows and Senior Fellows of the W. Montague Cobb/NMA Health Institute as well as members of the Association for Academic Minority Physicians (AAMP).

The benefits of membership of the Cobb Scholars include free access to the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, Reduced admission fees to Cobb Institute sponsored Symposia and Consensus Panels. The Scholars would have full access to the Website of the Cobb Institute and the CME library that is available. They also participate in a Cobb Institute reception held annually during the NMA Convention and Scientific Assembly and immediately following the Cobb Institute Scientific Symposium and Lectureship. The other benefit of membership is the opportunity to network with those who have the same career paths and aspirations. The benefits of the National Medical Association meeting attendance include collaboration with the NIH/NMA Travelling Fellows, The Post-Graduate Physician Section of the NMA, SNMA, AAMC and other organizations who focus upon mentoring young professionals in medicine and health careers and assist with their development.

The role of organizations who partner with the Cobb Institute and AAMP will be to provide excellent expertise and resources for young scholars. The vision of AAMP since 1986 has been to work together to insure quality education and learning skills through mentorship. The formal education program administered by AAMP would eventfully completed by each Cobb Scholar for certification in the field of Health Disparities and Health Equity.

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