Welcome Scholars

The W. Montague Cobb/NMA Health Institute has established the Cobb Scholars Group in 2016 and continues to develop enhancements to the program that will attract potential members and provide value for those individuals who have interest in participating in Health Disparities Research. In addition, there is a desire among early career physicians and scientists to be outstanding faculty members that serve in a unique way each of the existing medical schools in the United States as well as other institutions of higher learning.

The Cobb Institute was launched by the National Medical Association in December 2004 at Howard University, the academic home of Dr. William Montague Cobb, for whom it was named. The mission of the Cobb Institute is to focus upon identifying issues and developing solutions that will reduce racial and ethnic health and healthcare disparities and to improve the health of all Americans. It has become apparent through the activities of the Cobb Institute that there is a meaningful opportunity to engage in the early career advising, mentoring and specialized education for professionals who desire to excel as researchers as well.

The Cobb Scholars have been established to provide mentoring and assistance in career advancement for individuals who have completed the M.D. or Ph.D. degrees within the past 15 years and aspire to become research scientists, clinical physician specialists and academicians with an interest in health disparities and health inequities. In so doing, the Cobb Institute is dedicated to building the minority pipeline and professionals trained in the bio-sciences industry who can contribute to research and cutting- edge discovery. The assets that the Cobb Institute will provide include structured learning experiences, formal and informal mentoring opportunities with the Cobb Senior Fellows, Board members and faculty members, and the ability to engage with their contemporaries to exchange ideas research opportunities.

Randall C. Morgan Jr., M.D., M.B.A.
Chief Executive Officer
W. Montague Cobb/NMA Health Institute