TransilienceHDTM has the following functions: 1) ability to create posts in the form of ideas, questions, polls, data acquisition, and surveys. Posts with multimedia content (e.g. video, audio, images) can also be presented. Images and videos can be inserted directly inside of comments. 2) Ability to send private messages to other users on the platform, which can facilitate transdisciplinary collaboration and help to engage siloed stakeholder-experts. 3) News feeds via a recommendation engine that ensures visible feeds are aligned with each user's interests. 4) Alerts or abstracts of recently published, relevant articles in medical and mainstream academic journals. Alerts are sent via specified methods for all content that is dynamically pulled (based on users’ areas of interest) from journals, news feeds, and clinical trials. TransilienceHDTM can help with the following deliverables: 1) create teams capable of cross-pollinating their expertise, 2) develop new ideas/questions that move across traditional areas of work, 3) study new designs/processes fostering collaborative research models, 4) promote awareness of and participation in clinical trials, 5) develop an environment that can rapidly respond to funding opportunities, 6) translate finding for policy, community, system and environmental changes, 7) facilitate mentoring of one or many individuals simultaneously, and 8) accelerate health equity and the reduction of health disparities.