Current Projects

  • NIH- All of Us Research Program

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Trials and Promotion of Vaccination

  • NIH- All of Us Research Launch Information

  • COBB- All of Us Provider Toolkit 2.5

  • Medicare Part D  2005-2007—Funded by AstraZeneca

  • OMH-NHMA-Cobb Institute Influenza Immunization Grant

  • ReaCHE Grant, with CEHCD and partial funding by Pfizer

    The proposed CEHCD National Awareness Campaign would be developed by the CEHCD’s Advocacy and Policy Committee, in collaboration with other subcommittee members, with expertise in the particular subject areas.  The briefings are designed to raise awareness, educate, and move to action policy makers, corporate leaders, medical directors, and other key stakeholders/constituencies regarding these important policy issues.  The briefings would also include discussion of the best and promising strategies for eliminating health caredisparities.  Key themes that will be addressed in the proposed series of educational briefings include the following:

  • National and State Initiatives relating to eliminating disparities in health and health care to include the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Health information technology and exchange 

  • Culturally competent health care, health promotion/disease prevention, and health professions education

  • Workforce development and increasing diversity

  • Cobb Institute Supplement Grant with NIH through The University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • University of Connecticut-CICATS Grant Proposal  to the Institute for Minority Health with Cobb Institute as a subcontractor through CICATS collaboration

  • Norflet Grant Application with CICATS at the University of Connecticut. The Cobb Institute in partnership with CICATS at the University of Connecticut is submitting an application to the Norflet Progress Fund. The Norflet Foundation provides financial grants to organizations that address the systemic issues impacting the African American community. In the application, the Cobb Institute and CICATS are proposing the Just Move Program (JuMP), a personalized, low effort and low cost exercise program as a measurable intervention in diabetic African American patients. The program will include African American patients from several states (Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut).  The maximum amount requested, $750,000, is the maximum amount awarded by the Norflet Fund.

  • Zimmer Orthopedics Inc. in conjunction with the Cobb Institute and the MOVEMENT IS LIFE campaign sponsored by Zimmer to address musculoskeletal health care disparities.