Greetings from the Board Chair

Rahn K. Bailey

On Behalf of the Board of Directors, 

Welcome to the W. Montague Cobb/NMA Health Institute.  

As Chair, I am delighted to work with the Board, Faculty and Staff to continue to move the Mission and Vision of the Cobb Institute forward. As we diligently strive to influence translational research, we hope to effect the transfer the academic research model into evidence-based interventions with vulnerable populations who face disproportionate health burdens.

To achieve this end, we have established several Program Initiatives, including a Community of Scholars referred to collectively as the “Senior Fellows”, and cultivated a multitude of collaborations with Partners who support our mission. We regularly conduct Symposia and provide continuing education, as informed by the science. Several of our active Consensus Panels continue to explore topics on HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Professional Pipeline Development, and Racism in Medicine. Our Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, which recently received a high impact factor, continues to serves as a leader in the field. 

I am confident that we can develop and promote solutions toward reducing racial and ethnic health inequities for all populations of the U.S. All conscientious healthcare providers, researchers and like-minded organizations are invited to join us on this journey.

Rahn K. Bailey, MD -- Chairman of the Board of Directors